TEENS : Design and Sewing
This empowering class will not only teach how to sew, put in zippers and deign an item. It will also help student to understand how to alternate patterns, and make their own.
Class is offered on Tuesdays at 4 pm
Only 6 teens allowed per class.
Ages 12-18 years
All materials and tuition for $69 a month

LITTLES: Boys and girls aged 6-14 years
Students come one hour a week to rotate between sewing, cooking, and crafting. We believe in helping them reach their unique potential and celebrate differences. They will be able to explain kitchen chemistry versus taste, how to applique and create casings, and to set up their own sewing machine. We teach them how Knights and princesses can do hard things.
Class is offered multiple times Monday -Thursday please see what openings we have.
$69 a month.

PAINT CLASS: Friday afternoons for ages 5-18 years
Students come one time a week to paint. Our first week student will learn about a famous artist and paint to honor them, week 2&3 acrylic painting, week 4 a ceramic piece.
Class is offered Friday at 3pm for $40 a month

NOTE: Students are required to pay a registration fee of $25. They may join at any time for the school year which runs through May.